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Huntley Law is dedicated to providing diligent, expedient, professional legal services to its clients. The following is a brief description of the practice areas that Huntley Law specializes in. Huntley Law can represent you in connection with each stage of your transaction. Click on the respective area of law for a more in-depth description.

Practice Areas:

Leasing and landlord-tenant law - Huntley Law represents clients in connection with all types of commercial and residential leases. We have drafted, redrafted, negotiated, reviewed, and amended residential leases and retail, office, warehouse, and industrial commercial leases.

Real estate contracts, acquisitions, and development - Whether you need to purchase a piece of real estate, obtain an easement over your neighbor's property, review documents affecting a parcel of land, or develop vacant parcels of land for future use, Huntley Law can assist you.

Condominium formation and governance - Huntley Law can assist both developers wishing to develop condominium buildings, existing condominium associations having problems that need to be resolved, or condominium unit owners objecting to the amount of assessments due or his or her obligations under the condominium documents.

Commercial financing and loans - Huntley Law represents both lenders and borrowers in connection with a wide range of financial arrangements.

Business and Commercial Contracts - Huntley Law can assist clients with a wide range of business and commercial contracts.

Corporate formation and governance - Huntley Law can assist clients in connection with the formation of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies or any other corporate entity, and can assist clients with corporate governance once the entity has been created.

Foreclosures and financial restructuring - Whether you are a creditor who is facing a delinquent debtor, or you are a debtor who is able to pay your obligations, Huntley Law can assist you with your problems.

Feel free to contact Huntley Law to discuss how we can represent you in connection with your legal issues.

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