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Huntley Law represents both landlords and tenants in connection with a wide range of leasing needs. On the commercial side we have represented clients leasing office space, retail space, industrial space, and warehouse space. Our clients range from many of the large developers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, national brokerage companies, REITs, and other large investors with a presence in Minneapolis or St. Paul, all the way down to start-up companies renting their first commercial lease space. Whatever your commercial leasing needs are, Huntley Law can assist you.

On the residential side our clients range from large institutional landlords leasing space in 100+ unit apartment buildings to inexperienced individuals leasing out a basement bedroom in order to earn some spending money. No leasing issue is too large or too small.

Leasing Expertise

Many landlords modify a standard form of lease they received several years ago to fit a tenant’s needs, only to discover that neither the form that the landlord used nor the changes that the landlord made adequately protect the landlord when a problem arises. Likewise, many tenants read through a lease one time without either negotiating the terms or fully understanding the rights and obligations of the tenant. It is extremely important that both landlords and tenants engage a knowledgeable attorney in connection with entering into any lease. Huntley Law has the expertise and experience to represent both landlords and tenants in connection with any of your leasing needs.

Many lawyers claim to be leasing attorneys as entering into a lease can be a fairly straight forward transaction. The attorneys who draft leases part time and claim to be leasing attorneys, however, are doing their clients a disservice as they do not understand current market conditions, the nuances of lease terms, and the current legal issues facing landlords and tenants. At Huntley Law we have drafted hundreds of leases; we understand the complexities of leases and how the current legal and economic environment affects leases. Our leasing representation cannot be outdone.

Scope of Leasing Representation

Huntley Law can represent either landlords or tenants in connection with any stage of the leasing process for a premises in Minneapolis, St. Paul, greater Minnesota, or throughout the country. The following are just some of the many ways that Huntley Law can represent you:

  • Providing initial lease drafts for landlords or tenants
  • Reviewing existing forms
  • Negotiating and revising lease forms
  • Drafting amendments or supplements to existing leases
  • Interpreting the meaning of lease provisions in anticipation of trial
  • Seeking protection for tenants for uninhabitable conditions
  • Drafting sublease agreements for tenants wishing to lease out a portion of the tenant's premises

Contact Huntley Law today to determine how we can assist you. We are conveniently located in downtown Minneapolis.

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