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Foreclosure Practice

The current economic climate has forced borrowers and lenders alike to deal with foreclosures. Whether you are a lender that needs assistance with foreclosing on recalcitrant borrowers, or you are a borrower who has been served with papers notifying you of the pending foreclosure of your home, Huntley Law can assist you with the foreclosure process. The foreclosure process can be incredibly stressful and difficult to manage and you therefore need a lawyer who is qualified to deal with foreclosures and the various options that the foreclosure process has. Contact Huntley Law today to determine how we can assist you with your foreclosure.

Financial Restructuring Practice

Many commercial borrowers are facing harsh economic circumstances and cannot make the payments on their loans, but would be able to pay at least a portion of what is due every month. Many lenders have a pool of defaulting loans and desire to work with their borrowers to rework these loans rather than force the borrowers into bankruptcy or force a sale of the borrowers’ assets. Huntley Law can help both borrowers who wish to negotiate new terms with their lenders, or lenders wishing to rework or restructure their loans to avoid a nasty bankruptcy or sale.

Scope of Representation

The following are some of the many services that Huntley Law can provide to you, your company, or your bank:

  • Conduct foreclosures by advertisement, foreclosures by action, and voluntary foreclosures
  • Counsel borrowers and lenders on their rights and obligations leading up to a foreclosure or a bankruptcy
  • Counsel lenders on their rights under the UCC, the rights of tenants in foreclosed properties, the status of liens on personal property and fixtures located in and on foreclosed real estate, and the rights and obligations of guarantors and indemnitors
  • Draft and negotiate workout and forbearance agreements
  • Draft default letters for defaulting borrowers

Contact Huntley Law today to determine how we can assist you. We are conveniently located in downtown Minneapolis.

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