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Commercial Finance Practice

Huntley Law represents individuals, corporations, banks, and other lending institutions of all sizes in connection with a wide range and sophistication of lending transactions. Whether you are an institutional lender looking to provide a loan to one of your clients, or you are a business looking for assistance negotiating loan documents evidencing a business line of credit, or you are a commercial bank attempting to restructure a loan with a delinquent borrower, Huntley Law can assist you. Our clients are located in Minneapolis, St. Paul, greater Minnesota, and throughout the United States.

Commercial Finance Expertise

We are experienced in the negotiation, documentation and closing of a variety of credit and lending transactions, including acquisition and mezzanine financings, mortgage backed and asset-based lending, construction loans, equipment financing, and issuance of letters of credit for a variety of purposes. We have worked on and closed numerous loan transactions, amended, renewed, or reworked countless loan documents, and represented a wide range of both borrowers and lenders in connection with multi-million dollar transactions.

Scope of Representation

Huntley Law can represent you in connection with all stages of the lending process and most types of lending products. The following are just some of the many ways that Huntley Law can represent you:

  • Drafting and negotiating loan documents
  • Interpreting existing loan documentation to determine the rights and obligations of lenders and borrowers
  • Providing amendments to existing loan documents
  • Restructuring existing lending structures
  • Representing either the senior lender or the mezzanine lender in connection with drafting and/or negotiating intercreditor agreements
  • Providing legal advice on UCC Article 9 rights and obligations and other lien rights

Huntley Law can represent either lenders or borrowers in connection with a wide range of lending transactions, including:

  • Mortgage and asset-based lending
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Equipment financing
  • Construction loans
  • Real estate development loans
  • Business loans and operating lines of credit
  • Loan restructuring and workouts

Contact Huntley Law today to determine how we can assist you. We are conveniently located in downtown Minneapolis.

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