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Huntley Law provides legal services on a hourly, flat-fee or pro bono basis:

  • Hourly Fee - Hourly fees vary depending on the type of project and the engagement.
  • Flat-Fee - Huntley Law is willing to agree to a fixed fee for many projects so that the client can fix its costs.
  • Pro Bono - Huntley Law will provide pro bono legal services to individuals in need and non-profit organizations. We are committed to assisting such individuals and corporations with their legal issues.

The fee, rate, and payment terms vary depending on the type of representation and the type of project. Feel free to contact us via the form on the right for a free consultation and we can discuss your legal issues and requirements further.

This Web site does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Huntley Law, LLC. The only way to become a client of Huntley Law, LLC, is through mutual written agreement. Information that you send Huntley Law, LLC, in an e-mail or contact form, may not be confidential or privileged. Sending a lawyer or any other employee at Huntley Law, LLC a message or information will not make you our client.

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